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you’re more important than you think

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Im so tired omg

Worked from 8 to 6, went to a birthday party at 6:30 and drinks at a bar at 9:30 home by 10:30, in bed at 10:38. I am exhausted.
But at least tomorrow is my “friday” class on my days off tho, le sigh lol always on that grind.
Time for a horror movie on netflix and sleep.

Paying for gas makes me homicidal
Flash back friday: children of the corn edition #flashbackfriday

Flash back friday: children of the corn edition #flashbackfriday

Omg im gonna take a nap :D

I never get to take naps anymore! Im so excited haha

Its 2:30 in the morning and i cant sleep so im just gonna watch 16 hours of the simpsons until i pass out


photos by alberto ghizzi panizza of two snails on italy’s po river mesmerized by a raindrop, the seeming vortex it created, and its almost instant disappearance.
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